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IV Drugs

B. Braun offers a wide range of Injectable Drugs with proven clinical benefits. In addition B. Braun has developed a Ready-to-Use product range supporting clinical processes by e.g. increasing patients´ safety.

IV Anesthetics

B. Braun supplies drugs for peri-operative application, anesthesia, sedation and analgesia. For lipophylic and/or poorly soluble drugs the Lipuro®-Technology uses a MCT/LCT emulsion (Lipofundin®) as drug-delivery system with the advantages such as reduced pain on injection, optimized lipid metabolism.


Antibiotics are among the most frequently used drugs in intensive care patients, and account for a substantial proportion of drug expenditure in ICUs. Single medical devices and associated equipment require more time, items and manipulations resulting in higher costs, increased risk of administration errors as well as microbial contamination. The use of ready-to-use containers provides the best cost-efficacy administering drugs and avoids medication errors, too.
Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Please contact your country representative for product availability. Product images may differ from actual product appearance.