Management team

An organization and management that takes on responsibility

What started in 1839 as a small pharmacy in Melsungen has developed into a unique success story: today our family business, with 60,000 employees across 64 countries, is one of the most important groups in the global healthcare market. We know exactly whom we have to thank for our success: our employees and the dedicated management team.

In Philippines, our management team are as follows:

Executive Committee B. Braun Medical Supplies Inc. (BMSPH)

Managing Director:                                                                 Sinon Esermann

Chief Finance Officer:                                                             Rey Richard G. Caparas

Head of Sales for Hospital Care:                                            Louie Jay V. Divinagracia

Head of Marketing                                                                  Maita Rose R. Mariano

Head of SCM                                                                          Ben-Hur L. Malana

Head of HR                                                                             Naoko Nagashima


Executive Committee - B. Braun Avitum Philippines Inc. (BBAPI)

Managing Director:                                                                 Eduardo L. Rodriguez

Chief Finance Officer:                                                            Rey Richard G. Caparas

Sales and Marketing Director                                                 Ricky A. Paglicawan

SCM Manager                                                                        Juliet Santiago

Head of HR                                                                            Naoko Nagashima