Clarity in Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNB): The PNB Workshop at the 76th PSA Midyear Convention

Clarity in Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNB): The PNB Workshop at the 76th PSA Midyear Convention

The Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists (PSA) held its annual midyear convention on 2016 April 14 to 16 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City. In the convention, the peripheral nerve blocks (PNB) practice in the Philippines, was widely anticipated.

The nautical-themed event, cheekily named ANCHORS (Anesthesia Novel & Conventional Handling of Operating Room Scenarios)  aweigh!, featured lectures and activities attended by more than 500 anesthesiologists from all over the Philippines.

A workshop on Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNB), a new type of regional anesthesia, was held at Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital on the convention’s first day. Unlike the traditional use of local anesthetics, the use of PNB entails the insertion of the anesthetic near a targeted nerve or nerve bundles to block sensations of pain. The popularity of using this method has been on the rise, due to the benefits it provides for the patient. Facilitated by Dra. Natalia Montemayor in the auditorium and led by Dra. Peñafrancia Cano in the operating room, the workshop saw around 28 participants learn about the new local anesthesia practice.

As the main sponsor of the event, B. Braun took the opportunity to showcase the new PNB lines under its Regional Anesthesia product portfolio: Contiplex® and Stimuplex®. In particular, the Stimuplex® Ultra 360 was highlighted during the workshop. Boasting clearer ultrasound pictures, it utilizes B. Braun’s new echogenic 360○ X-pattern, designed to reflect more ultrasound waves back to the probe compared to previous designs. The doctors and participants were impressed with the clarity of the ultrasound-produced picture displayed during the workshop.

Having launched a successful event, B. Braun looks forward to more partnerships with PSA to better disseminate the PNB method for better healthcare practices in the field of anesthesiology.