PGH Postgrad: Uncovering Modern Techniques in Surgery

PGH Postgrad: Uncovering Modern Techniques in Surgery

On September 6-8, more than 300 healthcare practitioners from all over the Philippines attended the 53rd Post-Graduate Course of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Department of Surgery. The event, held at the Diamond Hotel and entitled “Hybrid Surgeons in the Era of Modern Technology,” focused on new practices and techniques in surgery, ranging from emergency treatment to developments in surgical tools.

As a proud partner of the PGH, B. Braun participated in this event as a Platinum sponsor, with two symposiums—both held on September 8—aimed at educating doctors on innovations in surgical care in the modern era.

Damage Control Resuscitation was the main topic of the breakfast symposium, discussed by Dr. Atty. Joel Macalino, a distinguished surgeon from [HOSPITAL] who specializes in Trauma surgery. In his presentation, Dr. Macalino detailed common mistakes in damage control resuscitation, as well as the necessary corrections to decrease patient mortality in the emergency room. He outlined the role of traditional electrolytes and the possible issues that can be encountered with their use, as well as newer electrolytes like isotonic electrolyte solution—Sterofundin—that can contribute to better patient outcomes.

During the lunch symposium, Dr. Jose Macario Faylona, President-elect of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society, and Dr. Anthony Perez, [POST AND HOSPITAL], shared the hour-long time slot to discuss the current trends and guidelines in hernia repair, as well as new technologies in hernioplasty. Dr. Faylona's lecture focused on open inquinal hernia repair, more specifically the use of tissue adhesive (i.e., Histoacryl) in mesh fixation, while Dr. Perez' talk covered topics on laparascopic ventral /incisional hernia repair, esp. the advantage of using a single layer cPTFE material (i.e., Omyra Mesh) in the intraperitoneal onlay mesh technique.

Following the success of these symposiums, B. Braun aims to further develop its partnership with PGH and to initiate more collaborations to elevate the surgical practices in the field of Philippine healthcare.