Digital excellence on hemodialysis training for nurses in the Philippines

Digital excellence on hemodialysis training for nurses in the Philippines

The Aesculap Academy Philippines, in cooperation with B. Braun Avitum Philippines, Inc. (BAPH), regularly runs a six-week Hemodialysis Training Program for Nurses. Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide efficient renal care, the course is conducted six times in a year.

Each run engages 50-80 participants in a week-long didactics and five-week hands-on training in B. Braun Dialysis Centers. 77 batches have so far been trained under this face-to-face interactive program.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent community quarantine measures enforced in the Philippines in March halted this program.

With the desire to provide continuing medical education despite challenges, the Aesculap Academy and the Clinical and Marketing Teams of BAPH immediately began to work on a hybrid program for the course’s 78th run. For this new run, learning is to be conducted both digitally and in-person, following safety protocols.

Conducted from October 5 to 9, the didactics has been converted to a blended learning program, conducted via a locally-produced Learning Management System Platform. Using this platform, participants can access learning materials on-demand, with e-quizzes to check their progress. Live sessions with the faculty were also conducted to further enhance the participants’ learning experience. The training also featured a virtual live demonstration of priming, set-up, and termination of a B. Braun Hemodialysis Machine that was broadcast from the B. Braun Philippines Digital Studio.

The hands-on training, currently running until November, is still being conducted in person. The organization has made sure that trainees continue to be equipped with the necessary protective equipment. The centers where the trainings are being held also adhere to the strictest safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention.

In total, 43 nurse trainees are receiving their hemodialysis training under this hybrid program.

This latest run is a historic starting point for the Aesculap Academy and BAPH teams, as the organization strives for digital excellence in the next decade.