Fascial Suture Instrument

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Prevents the risk of postoperative hernias

  • Simple and safe fixation of thesuture material.
  • New handle design for a taktile approach and manipulation of the instrument.
  • Hygiene - Dismantling for a throughout cleaning and sterilization.


  • The suture material hold by the jawpart of the instrument will be placed under endoscopic visual control through all subcutaneous tissue layers into the abdominal cavity. The suture material will then be grasped by a holding forceps.
  • The instrument will be introduced into the pneumoperitoneum in the same way at the opposite of the first approach. The suture material is being grasped by the fascial closure instrument and pulled through all tissue layers.
  • The trocar is being removed and the tightened suture material closed by conventional knot technique subcutaneously. In a final step the skin closure is performed.