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Special valve design for patients with increased level of tumor cells, debris or blood cells

A high protein level or tumor cells in the CSF can lead to valve blockage. These issues were given particular consideration in the development of the MIETHKE DUALSWITCH VALVE. The special design of the valve presents a very large surface area to the CSF, thus ensuring reliable operation even in contaminated fluid.
Clinical studies also demonstrate successful treatment of patients with so-called normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).
The MIETHKE DUALSWITCH VALVE is made from titanium, a material that guarantees outstanding precision, reliability and biocompatibility.


  • Automatic switch of opening pressure
  • Large surface area to CSF
  • Reliable even with contaminated fluid


The MIETHKE DUALSWITCH VALVE is available as a single valve or as a shunt system with different components.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus