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The well-proven adjustable gravitational valve

The MIETHKE proGAV® Shunt System represents the state-of-the-art in the range of adjustable valves. The precision valve made of titanium combines the maximum possible safety with the convenience of easy handling.
The valve opening pressure can be adjusted to the patient’s needs for the lying position. In combination with the gravitational unit, the opening pressure is increasing automatically as the patient stands up. The MIETHKE proGAV® offers an effective protection against overdrainage.
The patented adjustment and verification instruments allow easy, fast and uncomplicated treatment, without having to expose the patient to x-ray.
The unique “Active-Lock” mechanism protects the MIETHKE proGAV® against inadvertent readjustments caused by external magnetic fields up to 3 Tesla.


  • 3-tesla MR safe and compatible
  • Pressure levels for continuous adjustment between 0 and 20 cmH2O
  • X-ray-free verification of the pressure level setting


The MIETHKE proGAV® is available as a single valve or as a shunt system with different components.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus