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Gravitational add-on valve to prevent overdrainage symptoms

The MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT® is a gravitational valve made of titanium. Its purpose is to prevent overdrainage in shunted hydrocephalus patients, independent of the patient’s body position. As an auxiliary valve it can be implanted either secondarily to support drainage in problem patients or initially in combination with non-adjustable or adjustable differential pressure valves.
The MIETHKE paediSHUNTASSISTANT® works in the same way as the MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT®. However, it is considerably smaller and its functions are intended to meet the special needs of those with pediatric hydrocephalus.
The MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT® is made from titanium, a material that guarantees outstanding precision, reliability and biocompatibility.


  • Automatic adjustment of opening pressure
  • Extremely small valve design
  • Easy and quick implantation
  • MRI compatible


The MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT® is available as a single valve or with distal catheter.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus