Uterus Manipulator

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For an easy manipulaton of the uterus

The fully visualization of the uterus and the adnexa is the important basis for a good gynecological laparoscopic surgery. An uterine manipulator that can be adjusted to different angles allows the operator to flex and rotate the uterus so that it can be brought into an optimal position.


  • Distally flexible (up to 90 degrees), replaceable uterus probes – some with lateral irrigation inlets. Various attachments in accordance with the size of the uterus
  • Simple rotation and deflection of the uterus in the plevis during laparosciopc uterine surgery
  • A rotation of 90 degrees provides a good view to the anatomic structures
  • A plastic bell jar can be fixed over the uterus probe to facilitate definition of the cutting edge between the uterus and the vagina during TLH
  • Lock for fixation and deflection
  • The manipulator is easy to fix with hooked forceps
  • No additional dilatation of the cervical canal


  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy.
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy, also in conjunction with contrast medium or staining fluid.
  • Mobilization of the uterus in presence of adhesions.