A life of true fulfillment

A life of true fulfillment

"Traveling the world while caring for patients." This is what Ricky Ballesteros imagined his career would look like. He aspired to become a cruise ship nurse in his junior nursing years. However, his journey eventually sailed in a different direction.

Having seen the patient care involved in dialysis nursing, he quickly abandoned his cruise ship dreams and became a dialysis nurse in the early 2000s. His skill set aligned perfectly for the specialization: Back then, his cannulation skills have become so well-known that patients would line up specifically for him to perform their procedures.

His excitement for the job intensified with his employment in B. Braun Avitum. Starting as a staff nurse in 2002, he was promoted to Head Nurse in Baguio the following year. His work took him to different locations – in Cabanatuan, where he handled the dialysis unit for 12 years; and in Dagupan, where he stayed for 4 years.

Despite having almost two decades of experience under his belt, Ricky’s passion for dialysis nursing still burns bright. He thrives an environment where he learns new things every day.

“In dialysis nursing, you get to specialize in providing care to different patient demographics. You have adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients – all living with chronic kidney disease,” Ricky shares. “You learn a wide variety of skills on the job: teamwork, good assessment skills, technical skills, therapeutic communication, collaboration, and documentation. You care for different patients throughout different times of the day. You have to create different approaches for different patient conditions.”

Ricky’s love for the job is fueled by the support he receives from the company. He was especially grateful for his development as a Unit Manager. He underwent a series of leadership and managerial trainings, gaining the confidence of his senior managers. The role allowed him to sharpen his decision-making and people management skills. His strong work ethic soon reflected in the Dagupan center’s “Most Significant Improvements in Clinical Practice” award, honoring the center’s strong leadership and staff training program. The accomplishment inspired his team to provide better patient care.

Ricky doesn’t see himself sailing off to another profession or company anytime soon. “While it is very encouraging to work abroad, you will find fulfillment when you are able to improve the patients’ condition and restore their health. Delivering care to others is already an achievement,” Ricky shares. “I’m proud that many patients have regained their health under my watch. I have a patient receiving treatment for 18 years, who grows stronger every day. I’m also proud to be able to maintain a safe environment for the staff and patients by following established health protocols and keeping a watchful eye on safety risks on a daily basis. With the support and career development I’ve received, I’ve seen over the years how B. Braun Avitum became synonymous with providing excellent service and patient care. ”