Growth through virtual constructive dialog

Growth through virtual constructive dialog

Your Time to Grow is a series of stories from B. Braun Philippines. We provide insights to our efforts of sharing expertise in midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Growth isn’t just an internal process of improving oneself, nor is it measured by one’s tenure in an organization. It manifests when the knowledge gained and applied through the process of growth, contributes to the development of our communities.” These are the sentiments shared by Aikee Salagoste, Kristian Alfon and Nicolo Bello. They serve as professional development specialist nurses in the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

As healthcare professionals (HCPs) in a hospital in Manila, it is integral for them to hone their knowledge and skills during these crucial times. However, living in community quarantine poses a great challenge to face-to-face learning and professional growth. The nurses found a solution in B. Braun’s recently concluded webinar series “Kaunting Kaalaman sa Panahon ng COVID-19” (KK), which helped learning from a distance possible.

Psychosocial Health

“During the onset of COVID-19 in the country, we conducted a psychosocial survey among the staff in my institution. We found a number of issues that we had trouble addressing,” Kristian shares. Their nurses would encounter stigma associated with working on the COVID frontlines. In addition, they are also affected by the emotional strain due to the influx of COVID-positive patients. “The first episode of KK focused on managing stress in the hospital environment. Through that episode, we learned the importance of giving rewards and recognition during these trying times,” Kristian shared. Since then, his institution has launched its own rewards and recognition program. “KK came in handy because we were looking for the missing link: a solution to help our staff combat burnout.”

Occupational Safety

Nicolo stresses how important it is to know safety practices, especially when tending to COVID-positive patients. “The KK episode on patient bedside safety gave us an idea on how to create measures towards reducing patient exposure. We modified the placement of our infusion pumps to mitigate the risks,” Nicolo said. “Our nurses were able to refresh their knowledge on troubleshooting IV lines, fluid administration, and cannulation.”

For Aikee, the KK episodes served as a timely reminder to make HCP safety a priority.  “The series reminded us that, while we take care of our patients, we should also be taking care of ourselves,” Aikee shares. “Our patients need us now more than ever.”

B. Braun values sharing expertise with customers and partners. We are delighted to witness that our partnership with hospital goes beyond our products. We are encouraged to see how the Kaunting Kaalaman sa Panahon ng COVID-19 webinars resulted to bettering institutions, HCPs, and patients.

The Kaunting Kaalaman sa Panahon ng COVID-19 series is part of the many webinars B. Braun has prepared to promote safety and best practices in the time of the pandemic. As the battle against COVID-19 continues, B. Braun is committed to continue offering solutions to HCPs to continue their medical education remotely.