Seize the opportunity at every chance

Seize the opportunity at every chance

Your Time to Grow is a series of stories from B. Braun Philippines. We provide insights to our efforts of sharing expertise in midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

“What breathes life into my work every day and motivates me? I save lives. That inspires to do my best work every day.” Leemar Cabalonga shared. “Knowing that my work here is meaningful gives me a great sense of fulfillment.”

Leemar started his career in healthcare as a nurse, with the goal of working overseas. At Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center, he had come across a Dialog+® Set System. He was curious how the device helps patients. He learnt how meaningful dialysis nursing is from the dialysis nurses on shift. Nurses become a very involved part of the patients' lives. After that fateful encounter, he went on to specialize in dialysis nursing. His curiosity led him to attend the B. Braun Hemodialysis Training Program for Nurses in 2009. Shortly after, he began his career journey with B. Braun Avitum. The years he has been spending with B. Braun solidified his fondness the company and of the vital role he plays within it. As opportunities to move up within the organization became available, his desire to work overseas began to fade.

He celebrated a career milestone when he was assigned to the Ospital ng Sampaloc. He handled a year-long special project with the City of Manila: a free dialysis program for its less fortunate citizens. Through this project, Leemar understood the importance of both clinical and operational tasks in the center. Wanting to make his Operations Manager proud, Leemar ensured he paid equal attention to patient treatment and admin tasks. He was commended for completing the project according to plan.

Leemar soon moved to a new role in the Flora V. Valisno de Siojo Dialysis Center. This time, the focus was not only on accomplishing tasks. His new role included managing other staff. Every day was an opportunity for him to hone new skills. He gained confidence in decision-making. His immediate superior was always available for advice and guidance. His coaching was a big contribution in adjusting to his new role. He learned to communicate effectively as it is vital to deal with different people in the industry. Making time to knowing his team members gave him insight into each member’s strengths. This made Leemar good at delegating tasks to groom his team.

His outstanding work ethic and ability to deliver great results earned him a promotion to Operations Supervisor in April 2020. “I was given the opportunities to learn in order to get to where I am today. I am thankful that the management team trusts me to perform at my best.”  He sees to it that his team of 50 personnel delivers the highest quality patient care.

Leemar’s story is a testament to the culture of employee progress nurtured in B. Braun. In B. Braun, employees find growth in their role. They are also empowered to craft their own development. This co-ownership leads to competent motivated staff. The know-how, passion and capabilities of our employees are crucial to the realization of our goals.

Many who embark on a career at B. Braun remain loyal to the company. In addition to knowing that their work matters, they also receive coaching and motivation needed for a successful career.