The new call in the new normal

The new call in the new normal

Your Time to Grow is an ongoing series of stories from the B. Braun Philippines team, providing insights to the team’s efforts to continue sharing expertise in the midst of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ano’ng maitutulong ko?” (What can I do to help?)

This question echoed in the minds of Gladys Ynot and Ronald Salvador, B. Braun Professional Hospital Representatives. In light of the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines, community quarantine has just been placed in Metro Manila since March 16, 2020. As sales professionals, Ronald and Gladys meet healthcare professionals (HCPs) on a daily basis. They meet healthcare professionals (HCPs) not only to share product information and mount product demo workshops. They also to gather feedback and collaborate on projects. Accustomed to this set up, and in light of the in-person nature of their work, having to work remotely poses a challenge for them and for others working in the field.

However, despite anxieties that come with facing the unknown, they found strength in their unique position. As employees working in the healthcare industry, they are able to make an impactful contribution in the fight against the pandemic. To them, B. Braun’s core value of sharing expertise becomes paramount in a time when efficient communication of expertise is badly needed.

To bridge the communication gap left by community restrictions, Project Digitalization (PD) was conceptualized in B. Braun Philippines. The project is aimed at exploring available digital solutions for efficient collaboration and communication, and tailoring these to the needs of HCPs. The project team is composed of employees from various departments. Each team member contributes their distinctive expertise to the project. Within PD, Gladys and Ronald are responsible for online pre-event and post-event direct communications with HCPs. They help other sales colleagues to shift from the old methods of engaging customers to new ones. The rest of the sales team expressed their full commitment in creating new strategies to better engage with HCPs. This initiative in some small way, can serve the frontliners in the battle against COVID-19.

Ronald shared how daunting it was initially to shift from the traditional approach to going digital. Ultimately, he realized that it contributed to his professional growth.

“[Through PD], na-overcome ko yung isa sa mga weaknesses ko: [giving] presentations and learning new things like being techie, kasi ‘di ako mahilig talaga, and I had to learn fast kasi kailangan na kailangan. I became a fast learner, and then [went] from [being] a learner to an influencer. "
"[Through PD], I overcame one of my weaknesses: [giving] presentations and learning new things about technology, because I’m not really fond of them. I had to learn fast since there’s an urgent need to. I became a fast learner, and then [went] from [being] a learner to an influencer),” Ronald said.

Similarly, Gladys shared how she has grown to value customer engagement and collaboration in the company.

“Dati kasi ang [pakiramdam ko] complicated ang [sales strategy na] Insight 4 Value (I4V). Ngayon, we can focus on [customer] touchpoints; ganun pala ka-simple gawin! Na-appreciate ko rin si Ronald, kasi may natutunan din ako sa kanya. Tandem kami—ni minsan di ako pinabayaan!“
"Back then, I felt the Insight 4 Value [sales strategy] was a complicated process. But now that we can focus on [customer] touchpoints, I’ve realized how simple it really is! I appreciate working with Ronald as well, because I also learn from him. We’re a tandem, he has never left me hanging!"

Unprecedented times like these challenges employees and companies to be more innovative and adaptive as we adjust to the New Normal. Of her experience, Gladys shares this insight:

“Wag kayong matakot. Acceptance is important in the New Normal. It’s still a blessing to be able to work despite the pandemic. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na meron kang nagagawa para sa company. "
"Don’t be afraid [of change]. Acceptance is important in the New Normal. It’s still a blessing to be able to work despite the pandemic. It’s fulfilling to know that you’re able to contribute to the company.)”

Looking at B. Braun’s vision of protecting and improving the health of people, Ronald added: “The New Normal calls us to acquire new skills. Hindi lang natin ginagawa ito para ma-regain ang sales ng company, kundi para sa front liners natin. We can help them by trying to inform them of our products. The mere fact that we’re trying can draw fulfilment on our end. "
"The New normal calls us to acquire new skills. We’re not doing this just to regain company sales but also to help our frontliners. We can help by trying to inform them of our products. The mere fact that we’re trying can draw fulfilment on our end.”

For Gladys and Ronald, the New Normal presents an avenue for growth. As a company that values innovation, B. Braun encourages people’s professional growth and celebrate their wins. Competent and motivated employees are at the heart of B. Braun’s operations, and it is a joy to be a witness to employees’ passion and commitment to go beyond their job description - exceeding expectations, making an impact, and sharing expertise.