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  • A life of true fulfillment

    "Traveling the world while caring for patients." This is what Ricky Ballesteros imagined his career would look like. He aspired to become a cruise ship nurse in his junior nursing years. However, his journey eventually sailed in a different direction.

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  • Living a life of significant

    Living with dialysis can be a huge burden to many people. Moreso financial struggles mean regular treatment isn’t possible. Not knowing how and where to seek financial assistance makes their circumstances doubly challenging.

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  • Understanding needs for better patient outcomes

    Marilen Pascasio’s introduction to healthcare started long before her employment in B. Braun. “I was a nurse for a time,” Malen, now a Professional Hospital Representative, shares. “I saw firsthand how necessary it is for healthcare practitioners (HCPs) to have access to products that help improve the quality of healthcare patients receive.”

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